Defend your website from CC Attacks.

Anti CC Attacks

  To identify the visiting is CC Attack or not. Captchaclick firstly open the computer verification process(JS,cookie and so on). If the visiting session passed the computer verification, but also have suspicion it will conduct Captcha verification. You can define the threshold(optional) of the automatically verification process.

      Advantages of Captchaclick service as Anti CC serivce.

  • Quite simple deployment for identify CC attacks
  • Remove the CC attacking checking workload from your service to specfic Captcha services.
  • Automatically verification with joint efforts of visiting data analysis,computer verification(js,cookie...) and captcha verification.

Three steps to finish the Anti CC Attacking Checking.

Step 1:You should include js file from us and please make jquery ready.

 <script src="" ></script> 

Step 2:You need to insert an anticc tag into the HTML(php,asp...) files which you want to protect from CC attacks.

 <img class="initdata_anti_cc"  /> 

Step 3:Then on server side scripts,you can check the visiting session is CC or not

For PHP:

  We give PHP file "QueryAntiCc.php". You can just download it and use it in your PHP codes like this:


include 'QueryAntiCc.php';


  If the session is under suspicion of CC Attack, the function "QueryAntiCc()" will return string "yes" otherwise it will return string "no".


For other server side languages: 

  You should query the checking result from the url with parameter of user's ip address. You should replace "" with client IP. "" is the server where captchaclick service daemon running. You can install your own service on your server.About how to setup an Captchaclick server,click here.

  If the session is under suspicion of CC Attack, the URL will return string "yes" otherwise it will return string "no".

  The query will return as format like this:


  Ipaddress is the IP which your server side script quering and ccstatus is one of "no,yes", for example: ""

  We just give an example file desmontration with PHP. It should be simple to conduct it by other server side scripts. Please contact us at our twitter if you need help.