Easy and different Captcha by click it to verify human being.

Captcha Click

This shows a captcha with an refresh button.

You got the captcha just by an img tag.

 <img class="initdata_picture_verification"  language="en" /> 

What is the differences

Easy to human being.

To prevent from computer AI,Capthca is becoming difficulty to human being. Captchaclick make it easy to human being while keep computer AI away.

Deploy with adding one img tag.

Edit at any html(php,asp...) file and just add img tag to finish the Captcha showing. Click here to show the deploy process.

Base on not only Recognition but also Understanding

  Human understanding ability will be testing by captcha content. Watching and comprehension are both invlovled by users who visit your website.

Diverse styles and easily customization with CSS

  There are many types Captcha you can choice by simple CSS. You even can set Captcha difficultity according to visiting speed by CSS. Read more about it from here

Open captcha interface

  You can create your own new Captcha type by our open interface. You need not to conduct the most technical details of Captcha. Read more about it from here

Creating own verification server to boost visting speed.

  Perfer to deploy the Captcha service on your own server? It is easy and free. Read more about it from here