Install captchaclick service on your own server.

Install with rpm

Install Captchaclick service: download captchaclick.rpm from here

yum -y install gd boost curl-devel fcgi
rpm -ivh captchaclick.rpm

  After installation,directory "/usr/local/captchaclick" will created and files will be copied to this directory. start Captchaclick it by:

./captchaclick &

Add or remove pictures for the Captcha type 5: Select specfic pictures from pictures list(optional)

  Captchaclick support picture content identification and you can customize pictures at your wish. There are many directoy at "/usr/local/captchaclick/imagelist". Every dir stores many pictures which are belong to specfic catalog. You can change the catalog name at file: readme under the dir.

  If you have issues about how to install Captchaclick on your own server, you may reach us at @captchaclick