Verify user's input by query specfic URL.

Verify user's input

For PHP:

  We give PHP file "QueryPictureVerification.php". You can just download it and use it in your PHP codes like this:


include 'QueryPictureVerification.php';


  If user passed the Captcha, the function "QueryVerificationResult()" will return string "yes" otherwise it will return string "no".

For other server side languages: 

  You should query the captcha checking result from the url with parameter of user's ip address. You should replace "" with client IP. Query result sting is like "" or ""


If you installed Captchaclick service in your own server, You can get captcha checking result from:


We just give an example file desmontration with PHP. It should be simple to conduct it by other server side scripts. Please contact us at our twitter if you need help.